Kelong Singapore Cuisine
4800 No. 3 Rd, #130
Richmond, BC
Tel: (604) 821-9883
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Our next outing took us to another restaurant in Richmond.  Would we find a hidden treasure this time?  Going for yet, another popular Asian cuisine we landed ourselves at Kelong Restaurant.  This was a Singaporean Restaurant located off of No 3 Road.  Upon entering, we were kindly welcomed and promptly seated at a table.

Kelong Restaurant

This was a suitable family restaurant with ample parking. Set in a very casual dining atmosphere, the restaurant appeared clean.  The table clothes were protected by overlying Plexiglas that sat atop pictures of ice creams.  I haven’t even looked at the menu yet and I already had the urge for desert. :-)

We started the evening off with some chicken satay dipped in peanut sauce.  WARNING: Stay away from the sauce if you’re allergic to peanuts!!!  These chicken skewers were grilled to a nice color.  The aroma of the curry stimulated my senses as my mouth started to water.  With a dip of the peanut sauce, the first bite went into my mouth.  I found the chicken to be overcooked for my liking and the peanut sauce did not have the thick consistency that I expected.  Nevertheless, we didn’t let any go to waste and gobbled all the skewers before the next dish arrived.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

We then decided to order the Shrimp Char Hor Fun.  First off, I was overwhelmed with the amount of shrimp in this dish.  Just try to count the pieces of shrimp in the picture.  The shrimp tasted fine, however, the Hor Fun did not taste very good.  The oil that was used to pan fry the Hor Fun had an unnatural taste like.  It’s a good thing there was a lot of shrimp.

Shrimp Char Hor Fun

We then looked for a dish that would go well with steamed rice.  Our finger pointed to the Sambal Chili Chicken on the menu.  The sauce tasted spicy, salty, and sour.  It was clear that the same oil was used to deep fry the chicken as it also had a strange taste to it.  This dish definitely had potential to it had they used a different frying oil.

Sambal Chili Chicken

We wrapped up the evening with deep fried bananas with ice cream.  Interestingly, this time the oil used to fry up the bananas tasted OK.  It was plain Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two banana halves with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.  The desert was simple but tasted good.

Fried Bananas with Vanilla Ice Cream

After some friends of ours told us about Kelong, we were quite hyped about trying it out.  However, we were quite disappointed at most of the dishes we had.  We have no plans to return anytime soon.  Back to my search for that treasure!