Kim Ga Nae
4260 No. 3 Rd, #180
Richmond, BC
Tel: (604) 273-4747
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Whether you’re looking for a family dine out, a nice meal with a group of friends, or a couples evening out, Kim Ga Nae is one place to consider.  It is one of many restaurants hidden in a dine-out heaven in the city of Richmond.  First off, it’s very roomy inside with an open waiting area.  The restaurant is broken into two sections.  One area is designated for the Korean Barbecue (All-U-Can-Eat).  The other section is for ordering items straight from the kitchen.

Going for a “lighter” meal”, the family (my wife, two kids, and I) opted to order from the kitchen and picked a few items from the menu.  With any Korean meal, you are served some traditional starters; sweet flavoured  potatoes, bean sprouts, seaweed, and kimchi.  You can always get free refills if you want more (like the soda pop at McDonald’s).   :-)

We started with the Seafood Korean Pancake appetizer served on a hot plate.  The taste was nothing outstanding, however, we were happy with the texture and consistency of the dough.  The genetic make up of the Pancake included squid, peppers, and chives.  The dish was accompanied by a mild (by my standards) spicy vinegar sauce.  Yummy Yummy.

Seafood Korean Pancake

After polishing off most of the pancake, we moved onto the Tofu Hot Pot.  Hot and Spicy, this really warmed us up.  It’s a fun dish as you can mix in the raw egg (shown on top) and cook it in the soup base.  It’s piping hot, so DON”T TOUCH THE BOWL.  I know…common sense.  Nevertheless, I made that mistake when I tried to move bowl to make room for the additional entrees coming to the table.    We enjoyed this dish as well, though it’s comparable to other Korean restaurants that I have been to.  Flavorful, filling, and a nice segue to our next dish.

Tofu Hot Pot

Mmmmmm…….the Bul Kogi (Beef Short Ribs).  Again, served on a hot plate (I’m starting to see a theme here), this dish is best devoured with steamed rice.  The Bul Kogi is accompanied by onions, chives, mushrooms, and sesame seeds.  We loved this dish and were quick to polish it off.  It’s rich with flavor and the meat was very tender.  A few bites and down it went!

Beef Short Ribs

Our next dish was the traditional Bi Bim Bap.   This entree is made up of a medley of vegetables and raw egg sitting atop a bowl of steamed rice.  Served in a stone bowl, you are provided with a sweet spicy chili sauce that you can add until it suits your taste.
This is another fun dish where you can mix all of the contents with the sweet chili sauce while it cooks and sizzles.  IMPORTANT NOTE!!!  To enjoy the full experience of this dish, cook the rice long enough to make it crispy after you have mixed everything thoroughly.  It’s the crunch that makes this dish so tasty!

Bi Bim Bap

Now we’ve finally come to our last dish of tonight’s dinner…the deep fried pork chop with salad.  Much like the Japanese Tonkatsu, this dish was overly greasy for my liking and dry.  It is topped with a sweet hoisin sauce which overcomes some of the dryness.  It was an ok dish, however, I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Fried Pork Chop with Salad

At this point, we really had no room left in our stomachs.  Doggy bag to go and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!  :-P

Overall, I must admit I enjoyed the food.  Service was slow and it was difficult to get the server’s attention for tea and the bill.  However, if the food is what matters most to you, I would give my thumbs up on Kim Ga Nae.  We’ll probably go back for the All-U-Can-Eat BBQ in the next round.