Tony’s Beef Noodle
5710 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 327-5061
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Our next outing takes us on an adventure to Tony’s Beef Noodle Restaurant for a mid-afternoon lunch. Located conveniently across from Oakridge, we decided to give it a try and taste some of their home made noodles.

Tony's Beef Noodle

Joining us for lunch is one of my fellow food bloggers Kim ( who also encouraged me to blog. The restaurant appeared clean with some modern decor and the service was satisfactory. Looking through the menu, there didn’t appear to be any creativity in coming up with the names.

We started with a few appetizers.  The Seaweed Kelp was a nice dish to start with.  Not a lot of flavor, however, it was light and built up the appetite.

Kelp Seawood

I was a little suprised by the lack of any seasoning for the Fried Tofu.  However, the sweet chili sauce served on the side made up for the flavoring.

Deep Fried Tofu

The crispy peppery chicken was the best dish of all the appetizers.  The chicken was well-seasoned and crispy through every bite.

Crispy Salt Peppery Chicken

This was perhaps the most disappointing dish for me.  The meat in the Taiwanese Fried Rice Noodle was dry and the overall flavour was not tasty.

Taiwanese Fried Rice Noodle

The Hot and Sour with Noodle soup tasted peppery (looked to be about 3-4 teaspoon fulls), however, it was definitely missing the HOT and SOUR soup base that I was expecting.

Hot and Sour Soup with Noodle

The hand made noodles that I was looking forward to was acceptable.  The noodles had a nice chewy feeling and cooked to the right texture.

Home Made Noodles

There was nothing special about the the Sliced Beef with Noodle in Special Soup.  The soup base did have enough flavoring with a hint of spiciness.

Sliced Beef + Noodle in Special Soup

The Beef + Noodle in soup was made up of a simple broth.  Again, a lack of taste that I was expecting.  Condiments were available on the table to add some flavouring.   I highly recommend that you add some in to achieve a satisfactory taste.

Beef + Noodle in Soup

I was disappointed in most of the dishes I had at Tony’s Beef Noodle.  I was hyped about trying their home made noodles which was satisfactory.  However, the soup base for the three bowls of Noodle soup that I tried were not seasoned appropriately or enough.  The appetizers were also lacking flavour with the Exception of the Crispy Salt Peppery Chicken.  I won’t be coming back anytime soon.  The search continues…